Life is full of different kinds of people. Honest, happy, miserable, angry, sad and so on. The list is endless. What you see and what you hear can impact your perception about them almost immediately.

This outcome will help us judge them in future situations. If we just step back and ask ourselves these questions:

1- Who am I to judge others?

2- Why are they doing what they are doing?

3-What caused them to act like that?

4- If I were in that same situation and circumstance, what would I do?

Keep in mind that we all react to problems and things around us differently than others. It is human nature to want everyone to process information, think and react just like us. However, we all know it is impossible- everyone has different personalities, learning styles and reactions.

What if we turn the tables? What if we go against how we react to situations and do the opposite? Perhaps you admire how your friend honestly tells how they are feeling in a concise manner. Or perhaps you like how your boss gathers information first before making a decision.

Look around you to see someone who reacts opposite to you and try it! We automatically assume that our way is the best way. But is it really? Has it proven beneficial for you or are you repeating a pattern that doesn’t resolve anything except getting your own way? It is always easy to see what others are doing and judge them and put them down. It is much harder for us to see our mistakes.

The next time that you want someone to change the way they do things, change yourself first. You will see people in a positive way and will respect others around you more as you will see things from their perspective, not yours.