imagePassion is one word that has been thrown around by experts for some time now.

You need to find your passion!”

“You must be passionate about your career.”

“Having passion in your life is the key to success.”

Although there is no denying that having passion will be the catalyst for many successes in your career, business and even relationships, what exactly is passion?

Passion is one of those words in the English language that are difficult to define precisely. It is a word that involves emotion, which makes it even more difficult to explain. Even the dictionary defines passion as:

“A strong feeling towards something or someone.”

Pretty vague, don’t you agree? Yet when people talk about passion, we all know the feelings and emotions that are involved to evoke passion.

Here are 3 things you should know about passion.

1. Passion is inside all of us.

You don’t acquire it- it is already there! It is one of the many elements that makes us humans, human. We are born with this strong emotion within us. Sometimes something (or someone) will trigger (or even extinguish) it and it will be all encompassing; we will be energized, happier and feel more fulfilled. On the other hand, if passion is extinguished, we can feel depressed, beaten down or even a failure.

2. Passion and suffering go hand in hand.

Passion comes from the Latin verb “patere”, which means “to suffer.”

In order for you to be truly passionate about your business and career, you must endure the hardships that go along with it. Those hardships will make you even more hungry for living out your passion!

Passion for your chosen career or your business will help you through those days when you feel like giving up. Passion will push you harder. Passion will fuel the long hours you put in to drive your business. Passion is what will block out the naysayers.

3. Passion overrides drudgery.

There are mundane tasks in our careers or business that we would prefer not to do- making phone calls, spreadsheets, year end taxes etc. These tasks are what many people refer to as “time wasters”- they are necessary but they take up time and take you away from your pursuit of your passion. Passion is what will overcome the 95% of the undesirable aspects.

Find the right balance. Never let “tasks” derail you from your passion and never let passion prevent you from doing tasks.

You may be wondering:

That’s great, but how do I re-ignite my passion?”

“Re-igniting” involves some tough questions you need to ask yourself:

What am I passionate about?

What gets me so excited that I jump out of bed to start it?

How can I incorporate that into my life today?

It may take time to assess what it is that gets you to jump out of bed each morning and that’s fine. Find an isolated spot, turn off your devices and go deep within yourself to explore what your passion is.

And remember:

“Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” – Donald Trump