Go from Terrified to Terrific!

The ability to speak effectively in front of others is an often overlooked or neglected skill in the workplace.

Yet despite this fact, NOT having effective public speaking can be the reason for many people not advancing in their careers, being overlooked for promotions and not being able to effectively communicate ideas to close the sale.

“Effective communication skills are the most desirable skill employers look for in a candidate, surpassing experience and education.”
Katz Business School

You can take charge of your personal and professional life by signing up for our Public Speaking one-on-one sessions.

As Certified Professional Speakers, we will give the very best tips and skills needed to achieve your goals and excel at speaking. Through effective and practical exercises, we will help you overcome your nervousness, polish your presentation skills and develop your speaking style!

How We Can Help!

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I want to get rid of the nervousness
I have an upcoming business/school presentation
I have to deliver a speech at a wedding
I want to excel at my next job interview
I need help polishing my skills
“If you ever had wanted to become a better presenter or even polish your skills, I highly recommend Leadership Academy. I have had the privilege of learning from their expertise. I now know how to influence my audience with words and gestures and to gain rapport. This was a life changing experience for me! My confidence and my capabilities has soared since taking the workshop!”

“Fikret  helped me immensely at school. My presentations are clearer and more concise and I am able to present in a more professional style. In fact, on my most recent presentation I earned the highest mark in my class!”

“I owe it all to Leadership Academy. It has made me realize my potential and I’ll stick to it. So do yourself a favour and register for their sessions. It has helped me and it will help you!”

– Nicole Hladki, Criminology, Laurier University

You will love our unique learning experience!

Our one on one coaching style is tailored to meet your needs and to bring out the very best in you. All sessions run 60-90 minutes.

We offer our coaching:

  • At your home or workplace
  • At our office
  • Through Skype

Regardless of the format, you will receive individualized attention – something you would not receive in a large workshop setting.

We know we can help you:

  • Structure a speech or presentation for maximum effect
  • Build up your confidence
  • Get more power and conviction in your voice
  • Start to make an impact in front of an audience

Let our experts move you towards your goal of overcoming your fears! Enroll now or call us today!

Looking for some in-company training?

We also offer companies in-house training on public speaking. Email or phone to discuss availability and options.

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