We understand that not every one has the same needs as another to overcome their fear of public speaking. Some may only want help with a single presentation. Others may want to go deeper in overcoming their fears and learn some valuable techniques. Some may even want to build a career around public speaking!

That is why we have conveniently grouped together 3 different packages at a discounted rate in order for you to achieve your goals.

Or, if you prefer, individual sessions can be purchased and are $250 + HST each. Clients can choose how many sessions they would like and as to what they would like to work on. This is ideal for those who have previous public speaking experience and would like assistance in “polishing” any upcoming presentations.

3 sessions- $750 + HST

As an introduction to public speaking, the focus will be on immediate needs.

You will:
• Overcome public speaking nervousness, anxiety and fears
• Build your self-confidence
• Learn how to organize your ideas
• Learn to read effectively in front of an audience
• Have practical exercises with feedback

5 Sessions- $1200 + HST

This is a more intermediate package geared to really overcoming public speaking fears and to incorporate techniques to create a more impactful presentation.

You will:

• Learn to speak with energy, passion and purpose
• Master “impromptu speaking”
• Learn to build rapport with your audience
• Learn effective and natural gesturing techniques to emphasize your words
• Learn to structure your presentation to deliver a concise and impactful speech
• Learn effective breathing and relaxation techniques
• Confidently think on your feet
• Formulate a speech using a very simple formula
• Learn to grab and hold on to your audience’s attention

10 Sessions – $2200 +HST

Learn techniques reserved for Keynote Speakers at a fraction of the price! This is our most value packed package and will catapult not only your speaking abilities but also your career and personal life! What separates our sessions from other public speaking workshops lies within the content. These results will not only impact your professional life but also your personal life.

You will:

• Begin to unlock your potential
• Overcome the ONE THING that lies at the root of not living up to your potential
• Change your mind set for long term success in your life and in your presentation style
• Fine tune your delivery style to create maximum impact
• Develop a more persuasive and impressive speaking style
• Control your space and presence through non-verbal communication to gain rapport, dramatically enhance your message and
influence your audience
• Use pace and structure more powerfully
• Master storytelling techniques- one of the best ways to gain rapport with your audience
• Incorporate humour into your presentation while still delivering your message
• Use language creatively to present a more powerful message
• Deliver different styles of presentations for different audiences
• Learn how to handle and respond to tough questions
• Use visual and audio aids as a prop, not as a focal point
• Have before and after videos taken to raise awareness and record improvement on your speaking abilities
• Participate in multiple practical exercises with constructive feedback

As an added bonus, all 10-session participants will be entitled to ongoing assistance for any upcoming presentations at NO EXTRA CHARGE for 1 year! This can include review of presentation materials, feedback on speech and anything else that we can assist you with on making your presentations a success!

What some of our clients have said about their experiences with our public speaking coaching:

“Grant and Fikret gave one on one sessions, which I think is great. It allows us to customize the tutorials based on my special needs and opportunities going forward. They constantly “checked in” with me to see how things were progressing, which I though was great.”
-Jessica Churchill, Pharmaceutical sales, Hamilton

“I enrolled in the Public Speaking Coaching sessions to improve my public speaking skills for school. The content was so relevant and practical that my self-confidence improved so dramatically, that not only did I do well on my school presentations; they are asking me to do more! Thank you so much Leadership Academy!”
-Lucia Martinelli, Toronto

“Without prior public speaking experience, I was very nervous about enrolling but I knew I had to do it. Grant and Fikret made it so comfortable and fun for me, that I quickly overcame my shyness and nerves. I am so happy to say that by taking the sessions, it has changed my life! I am more confident and not afraid of speaking in front of others anymore. In fact, last week I was asked at the very last minute to do a presentation at school and remembering what I learned, I was able to do it confidently.”
-Jason Hampton, student

“The techniques I have learned have been invaluable for my career. I have gained so much more than just public speaking skills: I have gained self-confidence and I am able to communicate more freely and effectively. It is because of these skills that I aced a panel interview for my dream job! If you have ever thought that you don’t need public speaking skills, think again! It has been the best investment I have ever made for myself!”
– Tahir Jaffery, Toronto